About Us

We have 30 years of expertise in construction and civil engineering. We know the sector inside out.

Since Leggwork began, our team has been supporting the workforce in construction, civil engineering,
technical, and professional sectors, all across the UK. Bringing people together through proper conversations,
industry know-how, and a passion for lasting careers.

With every new job, we put the people first. Working with candidates , employers, and the communities
around them, we make sure that everybody finds the best possible outcome.

Whether it's a last minute contract or a lifetime career, we promise to never cut corners or compromise.

Why Leggwork

We put people at the core of everything we do. We don’t use algorithms or compatibility scores, we have real conversations and use our instincts and experience to find the right match.

Local Community

Bristol is one-of-a-kind, but we have our fair share of challenges with homelessness, inequality, and poverty too.

So whenever we can, we help charities like Young Bristol and Caring in Bristol tackle these issues and support the people they affect. Whether that’s giving our time and energy, or helping with fundraising efforts, we will do what we can.

Sustainability Commitment

The world isn’t getting any younger and we all have a responsibility to look after it, which is why we green-test everything we do. We encourage less driving to work, more office reusables, and greater flexibility to make informed choices.

We’ve relocated Leggwork to a site more accessible by greener transport options, reducing car travel by 90% across the business. We recycle all of our waste, our office has sensor-activated lighting and climate control, and we are about to start our journey to become a B Corp.

Meet The Team

James Legg


Justin Gettings


Daniel Attree

Team Leader

Ben Abraham

Recruitment Consultant

George Gibson

Compliance & Operations Manager

Trudy Turtle

Marketing & Social Values Lead

Kamila Lalik


Ian Colio

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Work For Us

We're on the lookout for people who care about making a positive difference to others. That includes our candidates, clients, colleagues or community.

If that sounds like you, get in touch.